Thera VanDerveer Photography | FAQ



Q: What should I wear to my photo shoot?

A: I wish I was articulate enough to explain this without writing a novel, but I'm not- so please visit this link for a great article on how to dress in order to get the most out of your portrait session.

The gist of the article: coordinate and complement, but don't be too matchy matchy; accessorize to add color and interest; use layers and textures to add detail and depth; bring subtle props that add meaning to your photos; don't date yourself- wear something timeless; patterns are ok in moderation.


Q: Why do I have to wait to see my photos?

A: I cull through your session images and choose only the very best to edit and provide to you. Your portrait session is very important to me and my job is not complete after I click the shutter button. Perfection takes time and I will spend that time in order to give you the very best product possible. Quality is so much more important than quantity! 


Q: How do I schedule a session with you?

A: Please contact me via phone or email to discuss- we will talk about a date and time that works best for all of us and then I will send you a contract. In order to secure your session time, the contract must be signed and returned to me and 50% of your session fee must be paid to act as a retainer.


Q: I dabble in photography too, can I just have the RAW images?

A: No. Part of what makes Thera VanDerveer Photography what it is is the editing. My art would not be my art if it wasn't a finished product.


Q: Why do you suggest/prefer that I order my prints from you and why do they cost a little more?

A: There are many reasons but the most important is that I want to ensure the quality of the end product. Believe it or not, all print labs are not created equal! I use a professional lab for all of my products to ensure that your hard earned money and my time are not being wasted by printing at a print lab meant for snap shots from your iPhone. My monitor is calibrated specifically to work with my lab, so the colors and edits I see are what will be printed. If I give you the digitals and you print them at Walmart or Costco then I have no idea what they will look like. I wouldn't want my name associated with something that looked terrible because it wasn't printed properly. Quality is so important! 


Q: Why are your prices different than XYZ Photography down the road?

A: Believe it or not, my prices are not based on other photographers' prices- they are based on my CODB (Cost of Doing Business- i.e. taxes, equipment, software, website fees, insurance, legal fees, travel expenses, training, etc) and what my time and talent are worth. I have no idea what other photographers in the area charge for similar services. I understand that times are tough and I would love to work out a payment plan with you if it means I get to be your photographer ;-)