Thera VanDerveer Photography | Mike & Mia's Bethesda Mariott Wedding | December 2, 2017

Mike & Mia's Bethesda Mariott Wedding | December 2, 2017

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Mike & Mia's wedding at the Bethesda Marriott was my final wedding of 2017 and it was a fabulous way to end my biggest wedding season yet! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Swartz!

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Their fabulous team of wedding professionals:

Photographer: Thera VanDerveer photography |

Venue, Planner, Caterer: Bethesda Marriott |

DJ: District Remix | Jason Wallace | |

Cake: Custom Cake Design |  

Hair & Makeup Artists: TMAK Artistry | |

Korean Ceremony: Insadong Hanbok | Jyung-Eun Kim | |

Officiant: Garry Thornton |


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