Andrea & Richard's Wedding at the Key Bridge Marriott with Lincoln Memorial Portraits

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Andrea & Richard's Lincoln Memorial portraits are some of my all time favorites!!! It was pretty crowded, but we were able to find a relatively empty spot on the side. The white marble is a photographer's dream!!!!!! Their ceremony & reception were held at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia. It was a fabulous day and I am so honored to have been included in their special day. #MeettheScibecks #ScibeckGameday


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Andrea & Richard's dream team of vendors:

Reception Venue/Hotel - Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington, Virginia -

Portrait Location - Lincoln Memorial - Washington, DC.

Photography - Thera VanDerveer Photography -

Transportation - RMS Limo - www.rmalimo/com

Cake - Amphora Bakery -

Hair & Makeup Artist -

Bride's Gown - Casablanca Bridal from Global Bridal Gallery -

Bridesmaids' Dresses - Bill Levkoff from Rosalin's Bridal -

Groom's Arrite - Vera Wang from Jos A. Bank





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